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Roofing Projects

On This Page: Re-Roofing A Garage... Re-Roofing A Small House... Steep Roof Reshingling... Patching A Shingle Roof...

Basics: Re-Roofing A Garage

Removing Old Shingles

Working by myself, it only took a few hours to peel off the shingles from each side of this detached garage and apply tar paper. In this article I share some tips for shingle disposal and keeping the debris under control.


Installing 3-Tab Asphalt Roof Shingles:

Nailing down 3-tab roof shingles is easy, but there are some tricks to guarantee that the rows look straight and uniform.


Peak Details & Ridge Cap Shingles

To ensure a professional-looking roofing job, some special attention was given to the last few rows of shingles, before the ridge cap shingles were nailed down.

Basics: New Shingles On A Small House

Tearing Off Old Shingles:

This house had 2 layers of shingles, so tear-off took a little longer.


Roof Prep: Tar Paper And More

Before shingles are installed, the roof surface needs some preparations, namely a strip of rubberized asphalt membrane and several rows of roofing felt (tar paper). We also patched some small holes, cut a long hole for the ridge vent, and installed a


Installing New Architectural Shingles:

After the tar paper, a starter strip is applied to the lower edge of the roof. Then row starter shingles are cut (to create the stair-step pattern shown here). With a couple of workers, the roof is done in a day.


Shingling Around Roof Penetrations

There are a few special techniques used when nailing roof shingles around a chimney or plumbing vent pipe.


Installing Plastic Ridge Vent At The Peak

This flexible plastic ridge vent can be folded to fit any slope, then nailed to the roof with 3 inch roofing nails. Regular ridge cap shingles are nailed on top.

Replace Shingles On A Steep Roof:

Steep Roof Shingle Tear-Off

Replacing shingles on a 2-story house with a 12:12 pitch, 4 valleys and 3 porches seemed daunting at first, until we broke down the project into 4 separate quadrants.


Installing New Shingles On A Steep Roof With Gables And Valleys

This was a complex project, but when broken into 4 phases it became much more manageable.


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Minor Roof Repairs:

Very Temporary:
A Quick 'n Cheap Roof Fix

I hate cheap fixes, but I did it anyway...

To stop roof leaks for just one winter, I simply poured liquid tar on the worn-out shingles and brushed it around with an old broom. It worked !


Replacing A Few Broken Shingles

It only takes a few minutes to remove a broken shingle tab and nail in a new one.


Patching Old Vent Holes In A Shingle Roof

After the old unused vent ducts were taken out, the bad shingles were were removed and the roof plywood was patched. Then new shingles were nailed in place, leaving no evidence of the old vents.


Removing An Old Metal Chimney Vent

Somebody had installed two metal chimney B-vents and used them for dryer vents. The current home owner wanted them removed because they leaked.


Building A Small Saddle Behind A Chimney
To Prevent Roof Leaks

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