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Bruce W. Maki

Bruce W. Maki, Editor and Publisher,

I've been doing home repairs and remodeling since about 1990, as a do-it-yourselfer and as a self-employed handyman/carpenter.

I'm a mechanical engineer by training, and I have worked as a mechanical design engineer, a management consultant, a business manager for a small technology company, and several positions in building maintenance and residential construction. I also worked briefly as an auto mechanic back in the mid-1990's.

I discovered an interest in construction and home repairs in my late teenage years, which contributed to my decision to take numerous college courses in Building Construction Technology while earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Lake Superior State University in northern Michigan. 

I also hold a certificate in automotive servicing, and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology.

In the late '90s I realized that publishing home improvement articles online made sense because a lot of home improvement content is relatively timeless... the information can be useful for years or even decades. Up to that point books and magazines were the most common way people got their knowledge about this topic... or they relied on a friend, relative, or guy down at the hardware store, and didn't always get accurate information.

In July 1999 I launched with a dozen articles about various repairs and remodeling projects I had done for myself and friends. In 2006 I started as a website for the hardcore, serious handy-people. So far, it's been mostly about car repairs. I also launched in 2007 in conjunction with a professional auto body technician.

If there is one guiding principle behind my web publishing, it is this: To promote "The Handy-Manly Arts". Simple, practical skills that were once very common... that were once taught in middle school and high school.

A house and a car are the two biggest purchases the average person will ever make. We should understand those two things. We should be able to perform at least basic maintenance on houses and cars. Even better if we could do some of the more serious repairs and improvements. It's a way to control costs and improve your standard of living.


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